Welcome to the Official Web Page of USAF Pilot Training Class 55-India!

    We are a group of USAF veterans who went into pilot training in the 1950’s, ending our training on February 24, 1955.  The aircraft pictured here are some of the planes we flew during our primary and basic training.
    We all started in the Piper Super Cub, the PA-18.  After about 20 hours in the Super Cub, we progressed to the North American T-6G, a World War II vintage trainer. Our primary training was conducted by civilian flight schools, and we were based at several sites for this phase: MaldenMissouriMariannaFlorida; and ColumbusMississippi.
     Graduates from primary spread to several different bases for what was known as “Basic Training.”  Students were divided in those days into two groups: Single Engine Jet, and Multi-engine.  This was near the beginning of the Jet Age, and those of us assigned to Single Engine Jets went to Greenville AFB, Greenville, Mississippi; Webb AFB, Big Spring, Texas; and Williams AFB, Chandler (near Phoenix), Arizona.  6 Pilots went from Greenville to Laredo AFB, Texas to complete training.  The aircraft we flew were the piston-engine North American T-28A, followed by the venerable Lockheed T-33A. The “T Bird” was an outgrowth of the P/F-80 “Shooting Star,” the first operational jet fighter used by the USAF.
    Multi-engine students went to Vance AFB, Enid Oklahoma, and Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, Texas.  Multi students also started basic in the T-28 then did their multi-engine training in the twin engine World War II medium Bomber, the North American B-25 Mitchell (the same airplane used by Doolittle’s Raiders).
    After primary and basic training, the class scattered to the winds and the four corners of the world. We did not meet again as a group until October of 1998, when we held our first reunion, attended by nearly 90 members of the original class.
    In the intervening years, our members flew just about every aircraft in the USAF inventory, not to mention some Navy and NATO types. A large percentage of the class stayed in the service as a career, and most served at least one tour in Vietnam. We lost many members over the years in airplane crashes; eight of our members were KIA in Vietnam, two were POWs, and four attained the rank of General (2 one- star, 1 two-stars, and 1 four-stars). Our numbers diminish now due to the ravages of time, but we get together now and then to relive those days of youth and glory.
    The period of training was definitive in most of our lives: it was a turning point, a place where we started on a great lifetime adventure that now has faded into distant but distinct and cherished memories. We have a bond that cannot be broken; we are well into the “Golden Years” but all that falls away at our reunions, when we are once again young, brave, handsome, and “The Best Damned Pilots In The World.”


In Primary Pilot Training
All Pilots began with the Piper Super Cub PA-18 above

We then tested our skill in the T-6 Texan

Those who graduated from Primary Pilot Training advanced to Basic Flight Training
Pilots chose either single-engine or multi-engine training.

Both single-engine and multi-engine pilots flew the T-28 in Basic Flight Training

We learned the basics of formation flying in the T-28

Multi-engine pilots then flew the B-25 shown below



The pilots who chose single-engine training first flew the T-28 and then
the T-33 aircraft shown below




Four beautiful T-33s on a beautiful day


Association Officers


President & Treasurer-  Ron Weinert 

Vice President-  Carl “Chet” Rawie 

Vice President-  Edd G. Barnes 

Secretary -  Robert Klimek Jr. 



Association Committees

History-  Tom Sawyer 

Membership Roster & Website-  Darrell Schmidt

Snail-mail - “Toni” Pyatt


Missing:  Status Unknown

USAF Pilot Training Class 55-India was one of the larger classes trained in the 1950's.  Our research has come up with a total over 600 names, gleaned from class yearbooks, Preflight group pictures, and various official orders. Of these,  more than 100 are known to be deceased, and close to 250 have been located. The names on this list represent the "missing," not all of whom were members of the USAF Pilot Training Class 55-India.
    Preflight at Lackland AFB,Texas, included pilot candidates and navigator candidates. Anyone who entered Preflight for the purpose of becoming a pilot, whether he SIEd (Self initiated elimination) or washed out, was, is, and will always be a member of Class 55-India.
    We solicit anyone who knows of the whereabouts of any of these men.  Either contact us with their address, or, if you prefer, contact the individual and ask him to get in touch with his old classmates.  Also, if you recognize that a name on our missing list was a navigator candidate, send me that information and I'll remove that name from the list.

        Please click on the shortcut below and view the list of "missing" classmates.  It's a big job to locate them.  Please choose some classmates to search for.  Click on the (Me) envelope icon below and send me an email with the name(s) of those you will attempt to find.   I will place an asterisk before the names of those who I have been told already have someone looking for them.  This should help avoid multiple attempts that could irritate people being contacted.  Thanks for all your help.

Missing 55-I Classmates

Darrell Schmidt



We have had nine reunions to date, in 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015. They have been great get-togethers, swapping old stories and reviving old memories.

I have uploaded videos of some the reunions to YouTube.  You can view them by clicking on the appropriate link below. While you are viewing them you may see a little window open with an ad.  Just click on the X in the upper right corner of the ad and it will disappear.  (but don't click the X in the upper right corner of the video as that will close out the whole video.)  The videos may pause while loading more data and that will depend on your internet connection speed.  If you wish you can view them full screen by clicking on the window icon at the lower right of the video.  The screen will go dark for a small amount of time while it changes to full screen.  Background music will play during the video so have your sound on.  At the end of each video click on the back arrow to return to this web page.  Note that if you had changed to full screen you have to hit the Esc key to return to smaller screen size so you can see the back arrow.   If you just close out the YouTube video you will probably have to reopen our web site to continue.


1998 Laughlin Reunion


2000 Colorado Springs Reunion


2003 Fort Walton Beach Reunion


2005 San Antonio Reunion


2007 Albuquerque Reunion


2009 DCA (Washington) Reunion


2011 DAY (Dayton, OH) Reunion


Many of the pictures in both the videos above and the .jpgs below were taken by

Russ Rickard and his sons, David & Mark.  We should all thank them for their efforts.


[More reunion pictures are on links below.  Several of them are more than one page.

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Albuquerque Pictures

(Most by Dick Arnold)  2 pages


Albuquerque Pictures (More)

These by Bev Janson) 3 pages


DCA Pictures (2009)


DCA Pictures(More)


Dayton Pictures (2011)






55-I REUNION 2017


We have contracted for the 2017 reunion to be held in Las Vegas ,Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 23, 24 and 25, 2017.  You may remember that when we discussed the 2017 reunion during the San Antonio reunion, we decided to keep the 2017 reunion simple and casual. This is the plan:

The reunion will be held at the Tuscany suites Hotel and casino, 255 E. Flamingo Road. This is a smaller Hotel and Casino located about three Vegas blocks from the heart of the strip.  This venue was selected because it provides a much more relaxing location than those of the monster casinos with all of the hustle and bustle that is endemic with the crowds there.  It is a long walk or a short taxi ride to  all of the monster casinos on the strip.  We have reserved the Siena room for our hospitality room.  It is quite large with immediate access to a large covered balcony which overlooks the pool and garden area. We have scheduled the Siena room from noon until 8PM on arrival day - Tuesday, and from 9 AM until 8 PM Wed and Thurs.  This will provide an opportunity for anyone that wants to attend the many entertainment shows on the strip.

The Hotel has a different way of costing the event.  The Siena room will cost $3000 for the three days of our event (plus tax etc.).  This expense will be offset by whatever amount we have them provide via catering .  To this end, our early plans are for the Hotel to provide Lemonade, soft drinks, water and some snacks the afternoon of arrival day.  On Wed and Thurs, we plan on having them stock the hospitality room with Coffee, Fruit Juice, muffins, Danish pastries, cinnamon rolls etc.  We will also have the soft drinks etc. that was provided on Tues.  Thursday will be the same as Wed.  NOTE:  we have no plans for booze.  If you want some, bring your own or get it in Vegas.

We plan just one lunch buffet on Wednesday so that those that want to can take advantage of the entertainment and casino gambling offered by other Vegas facilities. The preliminary estimate of the cost for the reunion hospitality room and catering is about $125 per person (This is a WAG since we have no idea how many will attend)  To minimize stress and ennui, it would be helpful if as many as possible would indicate ASAP their plans to attend.

To help you in checking out the facility, Check the Hotel website: excellent site which will permit you to check the rooms, the hospitality suite, the balcony  etc.  Hotel The hotel has reserved 20 rooms for the group (many more are available) The rate is $69 for the group for Sunday through Thursday.  If you wish to stay longer Friday and Saturday would be $129.  They also have very nice two bedroom suites for those who may have family attending.

Everyone should make their individual reservations with the Hotel.  Identify yourself as a member of Pilot Cass 55-I.  The code that identifies the group is 14D24L.  You may also make reservations via phone by calling


It’s getting closer to our reunion date.  We would like everyone to check out the hotel web site, check out the catering options, rooms etc. and send us your comments. On a personal level, It really would help if as many of you as possible could let us know if you might attend.  We realize the future may not be as easy to forecast as it was in 1955, but be optimistic,

Chet Rawie





55-I Airplane Pictures

55-I People Pictures

USAF Museum


(Interactive display.  Click on the MAP in the upper right hand corner to bring down a visual menu of the different sites within the museum, then click on a dot within that site to view the exhibits from that camera angle and then follow (click on) the arrows. You can run your mouse over the aircraft and it can tell you what it is and in some cases you can click it and find out even more on the plane. Clicking the button with 4 arrows coming in from the corners puts you into full screen mode. "Esc" will bring you back. WARNING: Time flies when you get immersed in this tour!)






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55-I Pilots who attended the Laughlin, NV Reunion in 1998


55-I Pilots who attended the Colorado Springs Reunion in 2000


(Note: the rows are a little off due to the many steps that we’re standing on)


Front Row: Howard Crites, Ben Brown, Jim Monk, Russ Rickard

2nd Row: Warren Green, x, Ed Unser, Dick Wyatt, Darrell Schmidt

3rd Row: John Burnett, Harvey Kimsey, Dick Blair, Bob Klimeck, x, Ron Weinert, Hans Terpstra

4th Row: Ron Atwood, Pete Chinburg, Gene Cox, John Owens

5th Row: Ray Nasypany, Joe Sperhac, Lee Wolfe, Kozy Korzan, Dale Dyson,    Pete Zuras, Jim Hicks, Jay Hess

6th Row: Dave Bidleman, Wayne Wootten


Pilots at DCA, 2009


(Note: No group picture was taken but we have a picture of our Hospitality “shack” below)

Dick and Susan Arnold, Edd and Linda Barnes, Eldon (Barney) and Joan Barnes, Merle and Yvonne Bechthold, Don and Nancy Blair, George Bracke, Ben and Basak Brown, John and Jetta Burnett, Whee and Ginny Cameron, Pete and Ellen Chinberg, Bill and Phyllis Edwards. Ron Frink. Don Gierard, Warren and Grace Green, Don and Carol Hamm, Chuck Hoggatt, Hoyt and Betty Hook, Glenn and Beverly Janson. Ralph (Bud) and Mae Jensen and Daughter, Merlyn (Bud)  Johnson, Ed Kane, Harvey Kimsey, Bob and Lucia Klimek, Darold (Kozy) and Holly Korzan, Armand (Skip) and   Jeanne LaRocque,  Ramon and Nona Lefevre, Bill and Suzie Lessard, Chuck and Pat Mielke, Jim and Shirley Monk,  Steve O’Brien, John and Gwen Owens, Phil Phillips and Evelyn, RasRastall, Chet Rawie, Russ and Mary Anne Rickard, George Rowcliffe, Tom and Faith Sawyer, Darrell Schmidt, Marvin Skeen, Joe Sperhac, Bill Sturts, Ed Unser, Ron Weinert and Ruth Jordan, John Whipple, Bob and Anne Willis, Lee and Jan Wolfe, Wayne and Doris Wootton, Pete and Jo Ann Zuras







I hope there's a place, way up in the sky,
Where pilots can go, when they have to die-
A place where a guy can go and buy a cold beer
For a friend and comrade, whose memory is dear;
A place where no doctor or lawyer can tread,
Nor management type would ere be caught dead;
Just a quaint little place, kinda dark and full of smoke,
Where they like to sing loud, and love a good joke;
The kind of place where a lady could go
And feel safe and protected, by the men she would know.

There must be a place where old pilots go,
When their paining is finished, and their airspeed gets low,
Where the whiskey is old, and the women are young,
And the songs about flying and dying are sung,
Where you'd see all the fellows who'd flown west before.
And they'd call out your name, as you came through the door;
Who would buy you a drink if your thirst should be bad,
And relate to the others, "He was quite a good lad!"

And then through the mist, you'd spot an old guy
You had not seen for years, though he taught you to fly.
He'd nod his old head, and grin ear to ear,
And say, "Welcome, my son, I'm pleased that you're here.
"For this is the place where true flyers come,
"When the journey is over, and the war has been won
"They've come here at last to be safe and alone
From the government clerk and the management clone,
"Politicians and lawyers, the Feds and the noise
Where the hours are happy, and these good ol' boys
"Can relax with a cool one, and a well-deserved rest;
"This is Heaven, my son -- you've passed your last test!"



55-I Deceased Classmates

 Adkisson, Robert B.

 Alexander, Billy G.

 Alitz, Laverne W. 
 Alper, Zeki 

 Archer, Frances E.

 Armstrong, Edwin A
 Armstrong, Frank Alton III

 Augustus, Micheal 

 Ayudin, Umit 
 Bane, Robert L.

 Barnes, Eldon 
 Barry, William R. 
 Bartley, John P. 

 Bechtold, Merle A.
 Bell Jr., James A. 

 Belson, Joseph E.

 Biagioni, Guido

 Birmingham, Herbert T. 
 Boatman, Tom 

 Bohn, Warren R.
 Bond, Jerome H. 

 Bondurant, James A.  
 Bose, Wesley C. 
 Bostrom, Frank (Pete) P. 
 Boutet, Edward 
 Breish, Harold A.

 Briley, James R. 
 Brooks, William L. 
 Brown, Robert A. 
 Buckley Jr., Paul R.

 Buckey, Richard B.

 Burleson,  Donald R, (Ray)
 Cade, John Drew 
 Campbell, Stanley C.

 Cameron, Whee 
 Choquette, Clayton J. 
 Christensen, John A. 
 Ciccarelli, Quirino 
 Clark, William A.

 Clem, Sanford P. 
 Colburn Jr., Earl A.

 Colvin, Wayne

 Corcoran, Charles H.

 Corbin, Neal H. 

 Cramer, Leonard W. 

 Cuccinello, James G.

 Dean, Scott E

 Devanney, Michael J.

 Devoe, Garner

 Dohogne, James

 Duncan, John H. 

 Dupont, Holbrook B. 

 Durst, William R.
 Echenique, Francis D. 
 Edson, Donald G.

 Edwards, William B. 
 Elliot, Robert M. 

 Ellwanger, Robert S.

 Fletcher, William H.
 Flower Jr., Donald J.

 Fontenot, Alvin R. 

 Ford, Clyde M.
 Ford Jr., Charles F.

 Foster, Lemuel E. 
 Frisch, Jerome A.

 Gearon, Joseph M. Jr.  

 George , Robert A.

 Gimenez, Manuel Jr.

 Glasheen, Daniel
 Goeltz, Francis S. 
 Goode, Thomas W.

 Goss, Richard D  

 Green, Franklin C. 
 Haff, David C.

 Halbach, Eugene (Smokey)

 Hamm, Donald P. 

 Hanks, Paul T.

 Hansen, Tage Bolt

 Hardin, Marion S. 
 Hart, Edward 

 Hartley, Roger D.

 Hedeen, Robert L.

 Heisley, Don W. 

 Hines, Prince Nolan Sr

 Hitchcock, Center

 Hoggatt, Charles V.


 Jensen, Jens P. 

 Jensen, Orla Holm
 Johns, Paul F.

 Johnson, Merlyn (Bud)

 Kane, Edward 

 Kelley, Vernon B.

 Kimsey, Harvey

 Kjos, Neil A. Jr.
 Kirkpatrick, Lowell R. 
 Koyn, Daniel W.

 Laguzzi,  Silvio

 Lambeth, William J.

 Larsen, Ole Ronald
 Locke  Jr., Alexander 

 Loeffler, Fred

 Madsen, Erik S.

 Madsen, Johannes A.

 Matthews, William H.
 Maxwell, Samuel C. 
 McBeth, Orrin L. 

 McDonald, Jerry  L.

 McHardy, Earl 
 Michaels, Donald L.

 Mielke, Charles L. Sr.

 Miller, Julian 

 Miller, Robert J.

 Mohrs, Paul A.

 Monk, James G.  
 Monroe, Don R. 

 Montalvo, Sanbenito, B

 Morton, Norman E.
 Moyer, Larry E. 
 Mueller, Don F.

 Nelson, Don L.

 Nelson, Stanley F.

 Nohl, Louis E. Jr.

 Norris, Robert G. 
 Nuss, Charles H.

 Orban, Richard L. 
 Orth, Donald N. 

 Owens, John E.

 Pease, Aldridge H.  
 Parker Jr., Dewey C. 

 Paoletti, Mario
 Pehrsson, Robert R. 
 Petersen, Richard S. 
 Petersen  Jr., George H. 

 Philipski, Robert F.

 Pinell, Richard D.
 Pitstick, William F.

 Pyatt, Robert C. 

 Rogers, James K.
 Rowcliffe, George S.

 Saporito, Joseph W.  
 Schmitt, Charles G. 
 Schroeder, Aaron R

 Simpson, Richard O.

 Sligh, Charles H.

 Smead, Jerry S.

 Smith, Harold Victor 
 Snowden, Wendell

 Staggs, Glenn 
 Stephens, Billy 
 Stuart, Virgil C.

 Sturts, William M.

 Terling, Christian

 Thompson, Wayne H.
 Topcu, Mehmet 

 Valgaeren, Georges F.
 Van Heusen, George 
 VanRee, Harold G.

 Van de Velde, Marcel

 Van Winkle, Thomas R. Jr.

 Veschini, Oscar 
 Vesser, Samuel F. 
 Walker, William O.

 Wallick, Jesse

 Ward, George T. 

 Weatherwax, John J.

 Whipple, John D.  
 Wickard, Jack D. 
 Willig, Eugene 

 Windom, Charles

 Womble, Floyd A.   
 Wood, Larry 

 Wooton, Wayne F.
 Zell, Kenneth

 Zobrack, Marcel J.