Ron Weinert
Our Fearless Leader

Couples photo from COS reunion - 2000

Fort Walton Beach
Reunion Pictures

The following 12 pictures are compliments from
Merle Bechthold

Our rendezvous for the 2003 reunion

View from the beach side rooms

Another view from beach side

John Whipple, this was our hang-out for most of the reunion
An excellent place for drink and stories

Bob Klimeck & Ron Weinert

Whee Cameron, Darrell Schmidt, Wayne Wootton, Pete Chinberg, Harv Kimsey

John Owens, Chet Rawie, Dick Arnold, Ben Brown

Harv Kimsey (note. still has finger in ear), Ron Frink, Ron Weinert

(bottom left) Tom Sawyer, Faith Sawyer.. (front)Bill Sturts, Warren Green, "who" is Merle Bechthold
(behind) Wayne Wootton, Pete Chinberg, John Owens. Ben Brown, Chet Rawie

(foreground) John Burnett.. (behind) Ray Lefevre, Bill Edwards, Bob & Lucia Klimek-Casale

John Burnett, Eldon (Barney) Barnes, John Whipple (behind), Chuck Hoggatt

Tom Sawyer (red shirt), Russ Rickard (white shirt), talking to (maybe) Lee Wolfe,
Joe Sperhac (Glasses)

front left, no ID, Back, w/ fork Wayne Wootton, Don Hamm, Chuck Hoggatt (foreground), Ron Frink


The pictures below are compliments from
Dick Arnold

Merle Bechthold & Shoe

Bill & Phyllis Edwards

Hoyt Hook

Gamaliel "Phil"  Phillips & Evelyn

Carl "Chet" Rawie

Russ Rickard

Marvin Skeen

Dick & Susan Arnold

 Grace & Warren Green

Wheelock "Whee" & Ginny Cameron

The pictures below are compliments from
Russel Rickard

Jim Monk, Merle Bechthold, Bob Klimeck, Lucia Klimeck
-Casale (back to camera)

2 Unknown ladies (help), Ellen Chinberg (black dress)
background Jim Monk, Merle Bechthold

Bob Willis' back, Darrell Schmidt, Klimeck (way back), 
Ron Weinert (yellow), John Burnett's back, Harvey
Kimsey, George Bracke (holding up window)

Pete & Ellen Chinberg, & (help please)

(Help), Jetta Burnett (red), Grace Green, (Help)

Whee Cameron, Merle Bechthold, Dick Arnold  Bill Edwards,
Evelyn (w/Phillips) (back to camera)

Lee Wolfe, Pink shirt (maybe Pete Chinberg?)
John Owens, Bob Klimek (behind John), Suzie Lessard,
Bob Willis, Darrell Schmidt,
Harvey Kimsey, John Burnett?

Jim Monk, Ed Unser, Don Gierard?

John Owens, Ed Kane

Ed Unser (background), Ben Brown, (help with next 2)

Foreground Pete Zuras, George Bracke
Next Table John Burnett, Pete Chinberg, Guest? blocked
by Ben Brown (blue shirt), ?in white shirt, Maybe Jim Monk 
in cap, last table too small to tell

Front table. Maybe Bob Klimek's back, Dick Arnold, 
John Owens, Harvey Kimsey, Darrell Schmidt, Bill Lessard, Eldon 
(Barney) Barnes

Front table. Kozy Korzan (hand on chin), Lee Wolfe, Tom 
Sawyer, Ray Lefevre, Hoyt Hook, Bob Willis, Bud Jensen

Hoyt Hook, Bob Willis

Help us with lady on left, Faith Sawyer, Carol Hamm

Front table.  Darrell Schmidt, Harvey Kimsey, Phil Phillips,
Phil's lady - Evelyn, Pete Chinberg's back, Warren Green

Merle Bechthold, George Bracke, Ed Kane, Bill Sturts

George Bracke, Ed Kane, Bill Sturts