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D2X_4167 Welcome.jpg


Dining Room right off our Hospitality room.

D2X_4166 Hospitality Room.jpg


D2X_4168 Register.jpg

Reception and sign in area

D2X_4170 Pete & Don.jpg

D2X_4172 Breakfast.jpg

D2X_4178 AF Memorial.jpg

Air Force Memorial wall

D2X_4188 AF Memorial.jpg

D2X_4190 AF Memorial - Wreath.jpg

Air Force Memorial ceremony 55-I

D2X_4194 AF Memorial -- 55-I.jpg


D2X_4196 AF Memorial - 55-I group 2.jpg

D2X_4198 AF Memorial - 55-I whole grp.jpg

D2X_4209 AF Memorial - 55-I.jpg

D2X_4228 Potomac Dinner Cruise.jpg

Potomac river cruise

D2X_4231 Potomac Dinner Cruise.jpg

D2X_4234 55-I Group Picture.jpg

Lincoln Memorial Group pictures

D2X_4239  55-I  DC-09  Group.jpg

D2X_4247 55-I Pilot's Wives group pict.jpg

D2X_4249 Banquet table.jpg

Banquet table layout

D2X_4256  Jay Hess & Everett Alvarez  55-I  DC09.jpg

2 POWs..our Jay Hess and Everett Alvarez, our speaker for the evening's event.

D2X_4262   55-I  Banquet.jpg


D2X_4266 Banquet.jpg

D2X_4267 Banquet 55-I DC09.jpg

D2X_4292 Banquet Guest Speaker Table.jpg

Guest speaker table

D2X_4273 Banquet.jpg

D2X_4274 Alvarez, Hess & Weinert.jpg

Everett Alvarez, Jay Hess, 55-I President Ron Weinert

D2X_4295 Banquet Dinner.jpg

D2X_4275 Pete Zuras & Mrs Alvarez  10-2-09.jpg

Pete Zuras, who set up our fine reunion, with Mrs. Alvarez


D2X_4299 Banquet Dinner.jpg

D2X_4315 Alvarez -- Weinert - book signing.jpg

Everett Alvarez signing Ron Weinert's book.

D2X_4347 10-3-09  Udvar-Hazy Acft Museum.jpg

Our Air Museum tour

D2X_4427 Russ & FedEX  8FE.jpg

Russ Rickard who took all these pictures for us pictured in front of a Fed Ex aircraft he flew.

D2X_4436 Space Shuttle Enterprise.jpg

D2X_4406 Lockheed Martin X-35B Joint Strike Fighter.jpg


D2X_4439  55-I Reunion DC09  10-3-09.jpg

Back in our Hospitality Room

D2X_4441 55-I Reunion DC09  10-3-09.jpg


D2X_4442  55-I Reunion  DC09   10-3-09.jpg

D2X_4447 55-I Reunion DC09  -- Business meeting 10-3-09.jpg

Reunion business meeting

D2X_4450 55-I Business meeting 10-3-09.jpg

D2X_4454  55-I Business meeting  Pete Zuras & Weinert  10-3-09.jpg

Our class president, Ron Weinert thanking Pete Zuras for his outstanding reunion work.

D2X_4457  DC09  55-I   Joann & Pete Zuras  10-3-09.jpg

Joann and Pete Zuras


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